3 thoughts on “October 9, 2018

  1. This “break the 4th wall/we are self-aware” schtick is really old & tired.

    I have been reading Sally since the very beginning, I have stay throughout creator/artists changes, but the last year or so has me questioning if I even need to read Sally any longer.

    Please, rethink/regroup and find some interesting story arcs that don’t include the characters being *aware* they are IN a story arc. Show more of the extended family dynamic (without it devolving into insults and negative relationships)

    Please, find Sally’s voice again?

    • Perfect timing! Ted has Jenny to deliver the straight talk. Marciuliano has you. I love it.

      Anyway… I can’t totally disagree with you. Sometimes I find the no-4th-wall schtick amusing, but it does get old. And Ted’s childishness is often pretty insufferable. I am a fan from the Greg Howard days, and overall I judge the humor of the newer version to be much better. And Keefe’s illustration is light-years better.

      But, really Ted, they’re just leaves. They fall. Move on!

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