5 thoughts on “November 5, 2017

  1. this was such a touching and moving strip. I can only hope people understood and appreciated the time and thought that went into this. My last 10 days with my father will be forever in my mind. On the last day, I told my dad that if he needed to go, that it was ok, I had the family now. Two days later my dad died and I am forever grateful for not only those last days but all the days.

  2. My sister’s husband died today. It has been amazing how his departure has matched Ted’s Dad. Through it all my Sis and son were there, feeling some of the same things. This strip helped me understand what they were feeling . Thanks for that. Somehow we are all linked together . Peace

  3. My question is–WHY? Why such a serious, sad, episode? Was the writer’s father dying while this strip was running in the papers? Was the cartoonist really talking to his own father via the strip?

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