One thought on “February 14, 2018

  1. Garage Band
    Or “Carefree Days of Summer”

    Our childhood days of summer
    Were falling by the way –
    Grand dreams of fame as drummer,
    Dissolving in steep decay.

    Our care-free days were numbered –
    School schedulers knew the score.
    Though fits and starts we blundered –
    Composing’s such a chore!

    Dad’s baseball pep talk devolved,
    Into fits of deep despair.
    Which lead guitar soon resolved:
    A riff to clear the air!

    The drums of August thundered,
    Joined by the walking bass.
    Drear malaise of summer sundered –
    Lead vocals filled the space.

    “Definitive Song of Summer’”
    Played at prom ‘fore long.
    A performance long remembered
    In the pantheon of song!

    The lyrics just write themselves! Keep up the good work.

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