Al Hirschfeld’s Lesser Known Brother-In-Law Al Keefefeld


This week’s Sally Forth (9/11-16) has a title panel drawn by none other than legendary off off off Broadway cartoonist Al Keefefeld (brother-in-law to Al Hirschfeld).

Coincidentally, same as Al, he also had a daughter named Nina. And as you can see by the number 7 by his signature, there are seven Ninas hidden in the line work of the drawing. Can you spot them all?

For more on Keefefeld’s brother-in-law Al Hirschfeld,
check out Al Hirschfeld: Looking for Nina.


4 thoughts on “Al Hirschfeld’s Lesser Known Brother-In-Law Al Keefefeld

  1. The Hirschfeld tribute is beautiful. I grew up searching for Ninas in the Sunday NYTimes. I recognized the spirals in Hillary’s eyes immediately. Thanks for paying tribute to one of the greatest.

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